Eine Freundin und ich haben jeweils eine Kolumne für bzw. gegen Vampire geschrieben...ach ja, ich war übrigens DAFÜR

Vampires? Yes, please!

I am one of those who fell in love with vampires. I think this was partly my parents fault because they allowed me to watch Buffy – The Vampire Slayer. Seriously, which fourteen year old teenage girl doesn't dream of supernatural powers and kissing the hottie with the dark edge? But as if the fact that I was not Buffy and that therefore there was not hot twisted Vampire with a sould to kiss was not enough to shatter my teenage world, I soon found myself confronted with another problem: There was not a lot of vampire fantasy literature to read. I figured this out when I felt that the TV series was not enough to feed my “addiction” and found myself having three choices: You could read Bram Stoker's classic Dracula, but you shouldn't do more often than once a year, or you could read the novels to the series Buffy, which were not only boring because I already knew what happened but also badly written. And last, but not least, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, which is probably the worst option of them all or at least it was from my point of view. My parents who, thinking they did something good, gave me Rice's The Vampire Lestat and The Vampire Armand for my fifteenth birthday. I made several attempts to read them. Well, they still stand unfinished in my bookcase eight years later,so, so much for the fluency of this reading. And that was actually the end to mainstream vampire literature when I was young.
I kept my eyes open and occasionally found one or two books featuring my beloved vampires in the book store, if I was lucky. Then 2008, when I was looking for something to read during my summer vacation, there suddenly was a new book called Twilight by an, at that time, relatively unknown author called Stephenie Meyer. The blurb sounded very cliché but to be quite honest: sometimes I am a sucker for the cliché love story and this theme combined with a sexy vampire seemed to be exactly what I needed and wanted.
Ever since then and the success of Twilight there has literally been a flood of vampire books on the market. Unfortunately most of them have a very similar scheme which is basically copying the plot of Twilight and thereby hope to copy its success as well. The good thing about the new interest of publishers, authors and readers alike is that there now is a whole diversity of themes and authors one can read, so if one doesn't like the cliché story it is very easy to avoid them. Therefore if “boy meets girl, oh boy is vampire, but who cares it's true love” is not exactly what you like to read I recomment books such as Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost , the first book of the Night Huntress series, Real Vampires Have Curves of the Glory St. Claire series by Gerry Bartlett or the Cassie Palmer novels by Karen Chance. These either have a new approach or they also work with some of the clichés but not without making fun of them. All of them are highly recommended if you have enough of the Edward's and Bella's of the genre.
So, after all I still say,despite all the copycat stories,: Vampires? YES,PLEASE because there is nothing better than a 300 to 500 year old guy falling in love for the first time or forever, or better still, both.

Sie war DAGEGEN:

Vampires? No, thanks!

There is nothing wrong with vampires per Se. The basic idea is quite cool, actually: You can have the larger than live, century old horror, inspired by such illustrious persons as Vlad the Impaler or you can have the poor sucker who fell prey to a bloodthirsty predator and is now cursed with the loss of his humanity and has to prey on humans himself. Excellent ingredient for tragedy.
However, in the last few years there has been such an amount of new books featuring vampires that they have gotten their own table in my favourite book store. Thank god. This makes it so much easier to avoid them. You see, instead of books about vampires as a threat or a tragic character, which are still shelved with the other fantasy titles, they are about vampires as humping-material. The creature of the night – the perfect boyfriend. To be fair, it's not just the bloodsucker who get the short end of the stake. Werewolves can probably howl songs of woe about this treatment. But first and foremost is the undead love interest.
But, you may ask, what's wrong with fantasy exploring romance. Why, nothing.
But we are not talking about a subset of fantasy that happens to deal with romance. We are dealing with a subset of romance with a fantasy template. And as such they include all the less glorious aspects of that genre, up to and including the usually less than flattering depiction of women. [Comparable to]Think of the female leads in romantic-comedies. The fantastic elements are often just the exotification of the old will-they-or-won't-they stick. Seriously, vampires and other supernatural ilk are the new pirates and sheiks of the genre.
Don't get the wrong impression here. I'm a sucker for good romance. Notice the adjective? Yeah. In order to be enjoyable to me, a book should contain at least a good romance or good fantasy, or better yet [still], both. And from the stuff I've sampled until now, be it Charlene Harris or J.D. Ward, I've yet to find one that has at least one of them.
So I will continue to look for good vampire stories, elsewhere. Because I don't like to read about wussiss in love, no matter if they have fangs or fur.

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And then again - NO

Taj ja, da sind wir also wieder an der Bloggerfront....eigentlich hab ich soooooooooooooooo viel zu sagen, aber irgendwie krieg ich es nicht in eine ansatzweise verständliche Form. Also begnügen wir uns doch mit was leichtem: Ich hab mal drüber nachgedacht und denke es ist eine fantastische Idee hier mal ein Paar der Stories zu posten an denen ich arbeite, einfach weil 1) ich dann vielleicht motiviert bin sie weiterzuschreiben b) sie mal jemand liest und c) ich vielleicht sogar feedback krieg (a girl can dream ). Also werd ich gleich damit anfangen - na ja oder eher morgen :P

PS: Gute Nacht an alle; is ja schon eher spä ja...oder auch früh :D

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Griechischer Wein

Hab gerade eine neue Methode entwickelt um Schlaf einzusparen, was mir mehr Zeit verschafft mich mit den unangenehmen Dingen dieses Lebens zu beschäftigen, wie z.B. Präsentationen und Hausarbeiten oder ähnlich witzigen -.-
Also die Methode lautet: Alkohol und das ist der sympathische Trick: Man betrinke sich, aber nur bis zu dem Punkt, wo man sich leicht wusig fühlt und die Wahrnehmung leicht zu verschwimmen beginnt und dann gehen man ins Bett. Die nächsten 3-4 Stunden pennt man wie ein Stein, weil der Alk abgebaut werden muss und dann wacht man auf und ist putzmunter. Wichtig ist dabei nur, dass man keinen Fusel trinkt, sonst gibt's statt putzmunter einen Kater und der ist von einem anderen Stern

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Alexandra-Tag hat mir gerade erzählt, dass heute Alexandra-Tag also mein Namenstag ist..schönen Dank auch, verzichte! Mag den Namen eh nich -.-

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Mumford and Sons in Hamburg

Also ich für meinen Teil war ja am Sonntag (mehr oder weniger gestern) auf dem "Sigh no more" Konzert von Mumford and Sons und OMFG die Band hat gerockt ohne Ende. Das Publikum war auch mega..wurde viel mitgesungen und -geklatscht und soweit das möglich war auch getanzt. Aber am meisten sind wohl die Jungs auf der Bühne abgegangen...war unbeschreiblich.
Als ich heute Nachmittag aufgewacht bin war ich heiser und meine Knöchel waren gefühlt auf der Höhe meines Bauchnabels, aber wenn kümmert's?
Höre die CD jetzt wieder (wie schon im Dezember und die zwei Tage vor dem Konzert) in Dauerschleife mit Erweiterung um "Liar" und "I gave you all", beides eher ruhige Nummern, bei dem aber das Geschick des Texters bemerkenswert ist!
Wer die Platte "Sigh no more" noch nicht hat sollte sie sich schleunigst zulegen.
Ansonsten sind noch die beide "Vorbands" zu erwähnen:
- Lisa Mitchell, von der mich "Coin Laundry" besonders bezaubert hat und
- Johnny Flynn, den ich generell sehr höhrenswert finde! (Ich mag "Cold Bread" besonders gerne und ansonsten halt die Tanzbaren nummern )

Viel spaß beim Hören

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Mumford & Sons - liar

I know that things are broken
I know there’s too many words left unsaid
You say you have spoken, like the coward I am, I hang my head
You lay careless, your head on my chest
And don’t even look at me looking my best
And all these things I can’t describe, you would rather I didn’t try
But please, don’t cry you liar
Oh please, don’t cry you liar
Oh please, don’t cry you liar
Oh please, don’t cry you liar
Oh please, don’t cry you liar
And you lean in for your last kiss,
Who in this world can ask me to resist?
Your hands cold as they find my neck,
Oh this love I have found, I detest

I just love this song.

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Mumford and sons

A friend told me about this band and I just love it! Have been listening to it for days.
Just use this link and you'll get to one of my favourites:


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