I am....

"I am not a neurotic perfectionist; I am a professional" said someone who I admire a lot and whose o... weiterlesen

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And I still miss you

You ran away that's okay that's how life is and I'm sure it is okay It's just fair that I lost you '... weiterlesen

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Here we go again

So, this was the first day of my first summer semester and except for the fact that I almost killed ... weiterlesen

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Here I stand, there they go

Right now I feel kind of like Jack Sparrow. I see the "moment to do something great" pass and I do ... weiterlesen

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I so fuckin' told you

I should get a t-shirt saying "I so fuckin' told you", seriously. When will people start to listen t... weiterlesen

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Der große, Dunkle Schweiger und ich

Er ist Perfekt! Unglaublich! Anbetungswürdig! Er ist: Judd Lauren :D Er hat alles was eine Frau will... weiterlesen

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