Time is so fast....

Well, okay. So, I'm really (!!!!!) sorry it has been one month but actually I have been drowning in work and therefore just couldn't make it to writing something.

So let's start with the more personal things before we get to the more 'interesting' ones
What happened during those 30 or something days?
Well not an awful lot but quite something:
- The obvious thing first: I dyed my hair blond for a change. (Will post a pic later)
- The simulation for my Sprachpraxis class is up and running and stressing me but nevertheless I really like it
- Working at the Cafeteria is even more stressful than I thought it'd be but that's just my luck
And since I earn money now I can spent even more of it on books.
I start to think that I seriously should consider a therapy. I'm becoming even more addictive -.-

- Also a new development: my flat looks like it's a library because it's full of books now and I'm not talking about the usual piles of unread books but books about Galileo Galilei, Modernism in Literature and Art and some more on Astronomy
( A girl has to earn its credit points ( I know this is a grammatical disaster but I like it :P ))

27.11.09 17:05


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