On this site I want to introduce you to my favourite authors. And I thought I might as well start with someone with an "A"

Witches, monsters and much more
A. Lee Martinez is definitely one of the stars of the current wave of fantasy literature. His repertoire ranges from stories featuring the classic evil like ghosts, witches, werewolves and vampires along other 'monsters' to robots. But never think that he only walks on paths that have been there before. Martinez always gives his story an interesting edge such as the fact that the characters you would usually consider to be the “big bad” are actually the good ones.
It seems that A. Lee Martinez prefers to have a private life instead of being overly famous because he only gives away very little about his person. He was born on the 12th January 1973 in El Paso, Texas and now lives in Dallas, Texas. He started writing in the DFW Writers' Workshop in 1995 but it took another ten years until his first novel Gil's All Fright Diner was published. This book is one of those you start to read and can not put down until you finished it. This is one of the hallmarks of Martinez' writing: he basically infects his reader with the story at hand. They are always quick witted and fast paced and a little bizarre. Additionally, Martinez uses well-known themes and elements of the fantasy genre but always gives them a new perspective or adds an unexpected twist to it. Following Gil's All Fright Diner Martinez published In the Company of Ogres in 2006. This novel takes a closer look at the nature of curses and the question whether all curses are actually only a burden or maybe also a blessing if you look at it differently. The comic element is especially strong within In the Company of Ogres and Martinez' next book A Nameless Witch first published in 2007. After these books he changed to a futuristic setting for the first time in The Automatic Detective in 2008. But it appears as if Martinez has a crush on curses in Too Many Curses, which was published 2008, and monsters whom he deals with in the book called Monster one year later. Martinez' latest novel Divine Misfortune will be published at the end of this year. He already gives a short insight into the contents of the story on his homepage which seems very promising and the editors do not want to keep from their readers:

“In a world where the gods are real, Phil and Terry are just looking for their personal slice of divine assistance. After much soul searching, they settle on Lucky, a raccoon god of good fortune.
At first, everything seems to be working fine. Things fall into place and all the little bits of luck on which life hinges seem to fall their way. So what if their god wants to crash in their guest room? And if his unemployed Aztec serpent god buddy ends up sleeping on their couch for a few days, what’s the big deal?” (taken from http://www.aleemartinez.com)

All of the aforementioned novels are translated into five languages including German and French and are stand-alone books. But Martinez also published a series of short stories called Cranky Dead. This story is divided into three parts with Part 1 being published on 5th September 2006, followed by Cranky Dead Part 2 on 5th October in the same year and concluded by Cranky Dead Part 3 published on 3rd March 2007. The story is only available on A. Lee Martinez Official Website by signing up via e-mail address. It deals with the city Rockwood where Gil’s All Fright Diner took place.
Additionally there will also be an anthology entitled Death's Excellent Vacation in which Martinez participated with an unpublished story called The Innsmouth Nook. The anthology will appear at the end of the year and can already be pre-ordered.

I sure will keep an eye on Martinez and follow his development, hoping that he will publish many more novels.
For further information visit http://www.aleemartinez.com