Okay, so here I will post reviews of the books I read. And NO, they will not always be in English Also, freut euch auf weitere Buchbesprechungen

The First book I'll write about is actually a series and so I thought I write a little paragraph about each book:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
Harry Potter - only better because they have gods and monsters

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan might remind one of Harry Potter at first due to some plotlines. But it is rather different because Percy deals with gods and there are a million monsters that want to eat him.
The first book The Lightning Thief of the five book series, was published in 2005 by Disney Hyperion, the last was published only in may of this year. The first book took us to the world of the 12-year old Percy Jackson who learns that his father is not just another man who left his child and its mother, but the greek god of the sea Poseidon. This is not as good news as one might think since it does not only mean that Percy is able to do whatever he wants with water and talk to the creatures of the sea, but also that his father has broken an oath Poseidon and his two brothers Zeus and Hades had taken to have no more children after World War II. This alone is reason enough for many to kill Percy, who is a little taken aback by all this hostility. At some point Percy learns of a prophecy stating that the next child of the Big Three which turns sixteen has to decide the fate of the Olympians, who have followed to the centre of power - mount Olympus is above the Empire state building right now - for thousands of years, and either save or destroy all of them.

In The Lightning Thief Percy is brought to Camp Half-blood ,the one save place on the world for demigods, children of gods with mortals after he was attacked at this school. Once there, he finds out that there are lots of children of gods especially, Hermes and Aphrodite, but none by the Big Three. He also learns that each demigod has certain powers which are linked to whatever their god-parents is god, respectively goddess of; Percy for example is able to manipulate water, his friend Annabeth, a daughter of Athena, is very bright. Clarisse, who is a daughter of Ares, is very aggressive and Luke, a son of Hermes, is the born thief. Percy is set on a quest, a task only demigods can fulfil, which is to find the Master's Bolt, Zeus most powerful weapon, which Percy is accused of having stolen. He only has a fortnight to return it to Zeus before a war of the gods will begin. During this adventure it turns out that Hades is not as evil as assumed and that there is another, greater villain who is very interested in Percy's fate.

The The Sea of Monsters brings along a new fresh row of problems. Not only that Percy's best friend Glover, a satyr and demigod-scout, is kidnapped by a monster and taken back to it's home island. It also turns out that Percy has a monster baby-brother, because gods can also have children with other mythological creatures. Worst still to save his friend Percy has to work with his sworn enemy Clarisse in order to save Glover. And Camp Half blood is attacked by their enemies who have found a way to cross the magic boarder that protects it. The book ends on a very surprising note that questions all we have learn throughout book one and two

In The Titan's Curse things start to become more pressing as the gods want to take a vote on whether to start preparing for a war with their only real enemy (which is not going to be revealed here). Adding to that are several problems: the hunter goddess Artemis has gone missing and Annabeth, one of Percy's closest friends, is believed to be dead. When the oracle sends three demigods and three of Artemis's huntresses on the quest of rescuing the goddess, Percy is left behind. He doesn't accept this and sets out to rescue Annabeth. And as the prophecy of the oracle becomes bitter reality, they lose one from their midst. And learn that Percy is not the only child of the Big Three still walking on this earth and on his way of turning sixteen.

In The Battle of the Labyrinth Percy and his friends have to enter the Labyrinth that was part of the palace of King Minos in Crete. Now the demigod's enemies have found out that the labyrinth provides a way right into the heart of Camp Half blood. They plan to erase the camp from this world since the half-bloods are the only ones that can stop them from attacking the gods and take control over the mortal world. Inside the Labyrinth Percy, Annabeth and Glover do not only find its designer, Daedalus, but also a long-seeked god and former friends. When the book ends it's more evident then ever, that the fate of the world depends on Percy.

The Last Olympian is the fantastic finale of a brilliant series, which will not be disclosed here. But it is really worth to be read. There are some surprising insights into and new interpretations of Percy's Prophecy and as usual the story doesn't turn out the way the reader suspects it to.

What is remarkable about Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the fact that the series is well-researched. One can actually learn quite a bit about Greek mythology by reading it. It is also interesting to see how Riordan took themes we already know from Harry Potter: Percy is only a year older when the series starts, has no clue who he really is as well and again we have a prophecy depending on a boy. Riordan is letting all of this look fresh and it works in parts actually better then in Harry Potter.
There are also some fun facts such as the idea that Mr. D, the god of wine Dionysus, was ordered by Zeus to lead Camp Half-blood for 100 years in order to become sober again, although he hates children or even worse demigods.

What makes the series so interesting to read is the fact that Riordan understands how to place turns you wouldn't have expected so that you never know how a book is going to end.
In a nutshell: you think you know where it's going to. But you don't.

The film:
The first book of the series - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - was turned into a major motion picture last year.
Despite some rearrangements within the characters and plot I hope that the other instalments of the series will be turned into movies as well.